My name is Bryan. I’m a Latter-day Saint (Mormon), Christian, husband, and designer living in New York City. By day I work in user experience design–building technology and software. During my extra hours, I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, making music, and exploring the city.

“Stagger Onward Rejoicing” is a space I made to think out loud about life’s big questions. I want to refine my approach to life, to God, to scripture, to prayer, to place, to family, and to everything else God has given me. I use my microblog as a space for collecting quotes, links, and short ideas that, I hope, eventually, coalesces into something more thought out here.

You can follow along on Twitter @onwardrejoice, or by RSS. If you’d like to reach out to me, the best way to reach out is by email.

Why the name “Stagger Onward Rejoicing”? I take the name from W.H. Auden’s wonderful poem “Atlantis,” which describes his quest to find God. The phrase also evokes a story by Tolstoy that was shared in General Conference by Elder Holland, a story that touched me deeply. The image of someone staggering on the true road, charging forward unevenly, even drunkenly, but rejoicing all the same–that is my journey. Sometimes my path is straight; other times it is winding; always, I hope, the aim is God.